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Cursos de Inglês na Nova Zelândia @ Wellington - Wellington College of Languages

About Wellington College of Languages

Wellington Harbour

Wellington College of Languages (WCL) is a professional English language school in the centre of Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand. We are committed to providing a high standard of education and training for overseas students seeking to improve their English.

As well as offering a General English course we specialise in IELTS exam preparation and have a high success rate in the examinations. Other specialised modules such as Business English are also available.

Our goal is to maintain class sizes at an average of 12 students per class and many will have fewer than 12. This ensures a friendly and effective learning environment.

Teachers at WCL are well-qualified and experienced in teaching English to overseas students. Our administration and support staff are friendly and available to help with any problems students may have.

Students choose the length of their study programme, but the college will advise them on the length of time it will take to achieve their goals. We generally recommend an initial course of at least 24 weeks.

An individual progress report is given to students every six weeks and, if requested, sent regularly to parents and guardians.

Certificates of Attainment are awarded to all students who satisfactorily complete a course with 80% attendance or higher.

Current facilities include 20 classrooms, student common room and a library with internet access. Regular access to outside activities such as sports and cultural exhibitions is also provided as part of the weekly programme.

WCL is registered as a tertiary education provider with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority and a member of CRELS (Combined Registered English Language Schools) and EWI (Wellington Education International). WCL can also introduce students to further education courses offered at New Zealand and Australian polytechnics and universities.

WCL Courses

College Hours

Full-time courses are held from 9:00am to 3:00pm, five days a week. Part-time courses are held from 9:00am to 12:00pm or from 1:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon, five days a week.

Most courses can be started on any Monday. Students entering the college sit a placement test to ensure they are placed at the best level.

General English and Communication Skills

These two modules combine to make a full-time course and are offered at six levels, from beginners to advanced. You should choose these modules if you want to improve your English to the level of IELTS Examination Preparation. The course focuses on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and is also available as two part-time modules.
IELTS Examination Preparation Choose this module, which includes General English in the mornings, if you would like to sit the IELTS examination. A score of 5.5 or 6 in IELTS is required to study at a NZ university or polytechnic.

To enter the IELTS Examination Preparation module, you must be at intermediate level or higher. Students below this level will study in a General English module until they reach the required level.

There are 12-week IELTS block modules at intermediate and upper intermediate levels held in the afternoons. Entry to these modules is competitive, but there are also on-going IELTS modules which have entry every Monday.

There is a practice IELTS test held monthly on Friday afternoons.

Fees for IELTS modules are the same as General English course fees and there will be a charge of $50 for IELTS textbooks. Other enrolment and materials fees are published in our fees schedule and are dependent on the course length.

Our academic staff will advise students when they are ready to sit the IELTS examination and register them for this. The fee for the IELTS examination is currently $NZ245, which will be paid to the testing centre. This examination fee is additional to WCL tuition fees and is subject to change.

Students aiming for IELTS 6 should complete at least the upper-intermediate module.

Academic English Students who have an IELTS score of at least 5.5 can enrol in this module, where they will focus on academic language and study skills to help them succeed at university or polytechnic.
School Preparation Choose this module if you are a young student wishing to continue your education at a New Zealand intermediate or secondary school. This module prepares young students to enter New Zealand schools and helps them to adjust to a new way of life, as well as teaching reading, writing, speaking, listening and grammar. It focuses on the English language used in the New Zealand school curriculum and environment.

Students will study General English to intermediate level, learn research skills, use computers to prepare set assignments and receive regular tests to monitor their progress.

WCL can help students enrol at a high school if they are not already enrolled at a school of their choice. In either case our student advisors will keep in touch with the school so that a smooth transition to high school is assured.

Business English Business English is an option for students at upper-intermediate or advanced level who want to practise the language required to do business in the English-speaking world. This 12-week module is 10 hours weekly and starts on 7 July and 29 September 2003.
Study Tours These tours are for groups of 10 or more who enrol together. They provide English language study in the morning, with sightseeing and other activities in the afternoons and weekends.

Fees and Costs

All fees are quoted in $NZ.

Full-time Tuition Fee (per week)
25 hours
Part-time Tuition Fee (per week)
15 hours
10 hours
Registration Fee (one-off)
Materials Fees (one-off)
Courses 1 to 5 weeks
6 to 12 weeks
12 weeks or more
Homestay Fee (per week)
Accommodation Service Fee (one-off)
Guardianship Fee (per month)
(required if student is under 18 years of age)

Note: Fees include GST and may be subject to change.

Living Expenses

NZ Immigration Service now requires that overseas students coming to New Zealand for 36 weeks or longer bring a minimum of $NZ10,000 per annum (including homestay fees) unless they have a written guarantee of maintenance from a relative in New Zealand who is either a New Zealand citizen or resident. For courses of fewer than 36 weeks you need to have at least $NZ1000 per month, or $NZ400 per month if accommodation has been prepaid.

Cancellation Conditions

For courses of three months or more
The full amount of money paid for tuition fees and registration, less $NZ500 or 10% (whichever is the lesser) will be refunded to students withdrawing from courses within seven days after beginning their course of study.
Students withdrawing from a course after seven days will not receive a refund of course fees or a course credit.

For courses of five weeks or more but less than three months
For students withdrawing within the first five days of the course a 75% refund is payable.
For students withdrawing after five days of the course, no refund is payable.

For courses of up to and including four weeks and six days
For students withdrawing within the first two days of the course, a 50% refund is payable.
For students withdrawing after two days of the course, no refund is payable.

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