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Cursos de Inglês na Nova Zelândia @ Auckland - University of Auckland English Language Academy

The University of Auckland English Language Academy has provided high quality Academic English and IELTS training to hundreds of international students from around the world. In 2002 the ELA expanded its courses and facilities, opening two new buildings adjacent to the main University campus. The facilities include:27 purpose built classrooms, student lounges, an English Language Self Access Centre, computer facilities and a student administration centre.

Whether you are seeking to improve your English for entry into university or as part of a holiday experience in New Zealand, the ELA can meet your needs. In line with the University of Auckland ’s quality teaching commitment, the ELA secures teaching staff of the highest calibre. All teachers have specialist qualifications and are familiar with the latest research on teaching English to speakers of other languages.

Students benefit from being supported by one of New Zealand ’s most prestigious government universities with modern facilities, commitment to quality and a focus on positive student outcomes. Classes are kept to a maximum of 16 students and student progress is monitored regularly.

Located in central Auckland city at 67/69 Symonds Street, the ELA is easily accessed via Auckland's public transport system. Auckland is New Zealand's largest city, and it offers a wide range of leisure opportunities and a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Within 30 minutes you can be sailing the harbour or exploring rainforests, strolling an untamed surf beach or relaxing with a picnic on a volcano. If city life is what you are looking for, Auckland has thousands of cafes and restaurants, over 2000 pubs, theatres, movie complexes and great shopping.

New Zealand is a playground of fresh cultural experiences - cosmopolitan cities, rich forests and fields, striking mountains and sparkling lakes, bright sunshine and clean air.

If you need English, learn at the University of Auckland English Language Academy!

Which course will suit my needs?











For students not going on to any form of higher education study.
For students who need to improve their English before going into the
Academic Programme.
For students who wish to improve their everyday language skills.
Focus on all four skills:
speaking, listening, reading, writing.
You still have the option to do Academic English even if you
are not going on to university.








Don't Know


You will be tested on your first day
at the ELA.

If you want to or need to do Academic
English, and you do not test at
Pre-Intermediate level,you will be placed in General English first.

Once you improve your English to Pre-
Intermediate level, you will go into the
next available Academic English block.








You can do IELTS and TOEFL preparation in this course.
The curriculum is designed for students
who need to spend a long period of time learning English.
The course will focus on developing your
grammatical, reading and writing skills.
You will learn academic research
techniques and university study skills.


These prices are effective from 30th August 2003.
All prices are quoted in New Zealand Dollars and include GST. Prices are subject to change.

General English

Entry Dates

Every fortnight except New Zealand Public Holidays. (Minimum 2 weeks enrolment)

Course Fees 2003

Course length  
per week (15 hours) NZ$270
per week (23 hours) NZ$360


Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, Advanced

The General English course is designed for students who want to improve their everyday language skills. General English is not designed for students intending to pursue tertiary study. Students cannot take IELTS Preparation as an afternoon option in the General English course. Students who intend to go on to university or polytechnic must study Academic English once they gain entry to Module 2.

Academic English

Entry Dates 2004

A. Module I , II, III and IV 10-week modules
02/02 - 08/04/04
19/04 - 25/06/04
12/07 - 17/09/04
27/09 - 03/12/04
Module V Postgraduate 10-week modules
19/04 - 25/06/04
27/09 - 03/12/04
B. Foundation Certificate in EAP 20 weeks
Modules III and IV
02/02 - 02/07/04
19/04 - 17/09/04
12/07 - 03/12/04
27/09 - 11/02/05
*Intensive accelerated programme 25 hours per week
C. Pre-Foundation Programme 20 weeks
Modules II and III
02/02 - 02/07/04
19/04 - 17/09/04
12/07 - 03/12/04

Course Fees 2003

Tuition Cost Per Module:
Tuition Cost Foundation Certificate in EAP and Pre-Foundation Programme:
NZ$7,500 including IELTS Exam

Entry Requirements
Module I
Minimum entry criterion: IELTS 4.0 with minimum score of 4.5 in the reading band and 4.0 in the writing band or an ELA placement test

Module II (commencement point for Pre-Foundation English)
Minimum entry criterion: IELTS 4.5 with minimum score of 5.0 in the reading band and 4.5 in the writing band or an ELA placement test

Module III (commencement point for FCert EAP)
Minimum entry criterion: IELTS 5.0 with minimum score of 5.0 in reading and writing bands or an ELA placement test

Module IV
Minimum entry criterion: IELTS 5.5 with minimum score of 5.0 in reading and writing bands or an ELA placement test

Module V
Minimum entry criterion: IELTS 6.0 with minimum score of 5.5 in reading and writing or an ELA placement test

The Academic English programmes at the ELA are full-time 23 hours per week and are available in five modules. Each module is 10-weeks in duration and students may enrol for more that one 10-week module. Modules have a minimum entry standard (refer to entry requirements). In addition, a 20-week Foundation Certificate in EAP is offered, as well as a 20-week Pre-Foundation English Programme.

Summer Academic Programme

The Summer Academic Programme is a 6-week course for Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate students who wish to continue academic study over the summer period in New Zealand.

The course commences in December, has a short break over Christmas and New Year, then continues in January.

Entry Dates

8/12/03 - 30/01/04

Course Fees


Working Holiday Students

The ELA can assist students on a working holiday visa with work placement in New Zealand.

The ELA is in contact with a company in New Zealand that places students in casual work positions. If a student studies for a minimum of 6 weeks full time at the ELA, the ELA will pay the placement fee charged by the Job search company.

Please note that no promise is undertaken to guarantee work for the student. Students must be aware that they need a good command of English to work in New Zealand.

Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) and Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)

Entry Dates

29/03 - 11/06/04
27/09 - 10/12/04

Course Fees

Course length  
11 weeks NZ$3,630

Cambridge Preparation course is full-time 23 hours per week. Students must sit a pre-entry test administered by the ELA for entry into these courses. FCE applicants must test at an Upper-Intermediate level and CAE applicants at an Advanced level. Students should plan for one additional week in New Zealand as the exam takes place the week after the course finishes.

International Teacher Training

The ELA offers a 2-week programme for non-native teachers of English who wish to improve their teaching skills. The course comprises of classes that cover teaching methodology, micro-teaching, teaching practice, programme development workshops as well as observation of language teaching at the ELA and visits to high schools. Included in the programme cost is one week-day cultural activity and one weekend excursion, as well as homestay and airport transfers.

Entry Dates


Course Fees


Minimum numbers are required to run this course. The course can also be run at other times of the year upon request for groups of teachers. Please direct enquiries to the Programme Administrator on:

IELTS Preparation

IELTS and TOEFL Preparation are available as afternoon options in the Academic English Programme.

IELTS Preparation Evening Classes
The ELA offers part-time evening courses (8 hours per week over 4 weeks) and part-time Saturday courses (4 hours every Saturday morning over 8 weeks) for students who wish to prepare for the IELTS Exam. Training for both the Academic module and General module is offered. The cost is $550 for both the Saturday and evening course, including IELTS exam fee.

IELTS and TOEFL Examination
The ELA is a registered IELTS and TOEFL test centre.

The set text for the course is "Prepare for IELTS" by Penny Cameron and costs NZ$40. The set text will be available from the 1st day of the course.

Other Charges

Registration Fee
(paid once for all courses)
Home stay placement fee
(paid once only)
Airport pick up one way NZ$70*
Book deposit NZ$60
Homestay fee
(under 18 years)
NZ$220 (per week)
Homestay fee
(18+ years)
NZ$200 (per week)

*Students staying in an ELA arranged homestay receive a FREE transfer to their homestay.

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