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Cursos de Inglês na Nova Zelândia @ Auckland - North Shore English Language Institute

is located in the central part of North Shore, close to Takapuna, Northcote and Birkenhead. Only 15 minutes driving from downtown Auckland. The school building occupies the entire floor of a modern construction in a quiet environment. Architectural beauty and comfort are just another attractive feature of our school.

elcome to the North Shore English Language Institute We are delighted to present to you a facility of the highest quality and standards, dedicated to achieve the best English language outcomes. We are proud of our friendly and supportive environment which we believe is most conducive to our students. The management and the academic teams are constantly giving personal support and assistance to our students in every way possible. We have no hesitation in recommending our school in every way and we are sure you will have a most productive and happy time with us.
Quality Management Team  
North Shore English Language Institute
Course Information
General English Course  
(Beginner, Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-intermediate, Advanced)  
Our school provides a full range of classes covering Beginner to Advanced levels. Each course covers the four major applications of the English language: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The instruction also aims to integrate grammar, vocabulary and idioms constructively. Morning classes focus on structural English; afternoon classes focus on communicative English.
IELTS Course (Academic & General)  
We place strong emphasis on improving ESOL students’ reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in order to succeed at the IELTS examination. In our teaching, we are specialized to help students overcoming their linguistic barriers with multi-media mediums such as CD, radio, TV, video and telephone. We believe that teaching the students the basic learning methods and skills is a much more efficient approach in language learning. Skill teaching will be backed up with some practical homework.  
English in Work and Business
We also offer comprehensive business English course which provides pre-work and in-work students with the special language knowledge and professional communication skills they need in their jobs. Following a tightly-structured course, students will confidently develop their understanding of principles, processes and practice in the world of business.
Fee Structure


Length: 12 weeks (Beginner, Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-intermediate, Advanced and IELTS Levels)

Class Time Weekly Fee (NZD)
Full Time   9:00am-3:00pm $ 330.00 (25 hours)
Morning Class only 9:00am-12:00pm $ 200.00 (15 hours)
Afternoon Class only 1:00pm– 3:00pm $ 130.00 (10 hours)



Enrolment & administration fee: $150.00 (compulsory)

Text materials: $50.00 (compulsory); this fee includes a workbook and the use of a class copy of a student book during class time. The purchase of the student book is optional and leads to additional costs, which are listed in the Price List of Textbooks below.

Title Price for new book dv Price for secondhand book
New Headway English Course: student’s book   $60.00 $45.00
New Headway English Course: Workbook $35.00 $25.00


Off-site Educational Activities (optional): Students are responsible for their own admission fees and/or travel costs when participating in any extra-curriculum experiential learning. The cost is approximately $20 every four weeks.

Homestay arrangement fee (optional): $180 (non-refundable when the arrangement has been made).

Homestay Cost (optional): The range of market rate of homestay accommodation is between NZ$170.00 to NZ$220.00. Please refer to the section on Accommodation provision for more details.

Airport pick up (optional): $80.00.

IELTS Examination fees (optional): $245.00.

Stationery Cost (personal expenses): Students may spend approximately $20 per month for pens, pads, erasers and other essential stationery.


All the tuition fees and non-tuition fees are GST inclusive. 

Homestay & Accommodation
    We want your stay in New Zealand to be as comfortable and hassle-free as possible, and we therefore offer a wide range of accommodation options to suit your needs.    
Our homestay service provides you with the opportunity to become part of a kiwi family, which will enable you to learn about the “Kiwi Way of Life” and increase your English language skills.  
  Our host families are carefully chosen and have an excellent understanding of the needs of international students. They will provide you with a warm, friendly home and will endeavour to make you feel
Availability, cost and characteristics of living accommodation options
Accommodation Approximate weekly cost Range of service
Homestay NZ$ 170.00 –NZ$ 220.00
  • A furnished private bedroom Expenses: e.g. power, water, gas, access to telephone
  • Three meals a day
  • Access to household amenities
Boarding Establishment or Hostel

Single room: NZ$ 100.00 – NZ$ 150.00

Shared twin: NZ$ 150.00 – NZ$ 200.00

  • A furnished private bedroom 

  • Expenses: e.g. power, water, gas, access to telephone

  • Access to shared amenities (e.g. public kitchen, public toilet)

  • Food is additional

Flatting NZ$ 80.00 – NZ $ 120.00
  • A partially furnished private bedroom

  • Access to household amenities

  • Expenses (e.g. power, water, gas, access to telephone) and food are additional

Living with a designated caregiver or parents Subject to negotiation
  • Subject to negotiation
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