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Cursos de Inglês na Nova Zelândia @ Coromandel - Academy of English Language

Why choose the Academy of English Language in Thames, The Coromandel, to Study English Language?

Thames Domain is the perfect location for fun, sun, activities, adventure, and learning. Every top tourist activity in the North Island is central to this clean, picturesque town. Thames old Victorian atmosphere will leave you with a lifetime of memories.

With Auckland, New Zealand's largest city, a short drive to the North-West, Rotorua, Taupo and Tauranga, New Zealand's tourist capitals, a short drive to the South-East, Hamilton and Waitomo, a New Zealand provincial region, very close to the South-West, Thames is the perfect location to see and do everything in New Zealand's North Island.

"The Coromandel is the Jewel of New Zealand", Thames is a truly special location on that jewel.

Enrol now and discover the most beautiful country of the world, New Zealand!

New Zealand
The #1 Choice for Students to Study the
English Language

General Life-skills English, Part-time (GLEP)
General Life-skills English, Full-time (GLEF)
High-school Preparatory Course (HSPC FT/PT)
IELTS University/Polytechnic Preparatory Course, Full-time (IUPC)
Ecology/Environmental-English with Practicum (EEEP)
Business -English (BE)
Activity/Adventure English (AAE)
English with Golf (EG)
English with Diving (EDiv)
Art-English (AE)
Afternoon elective classes for Full-time Students
Conversation and Listening
Reading Comprehension and Writing Practice
High School Preparatory Intensive Class
IELTS University/Polytechnic
Preparatory Class
Activity/Adventure-English Pre-activity Class
Class and Practicum
Computer Assisted Independent Learning Modules
Audio Assisted Independent Learning Modules
High-school Academic Tutoring - Math's, The Sciences, and English (HAT)
Summer and Winter Youth-Camps (S/W YCP)
New Zealand Tourist Group Programmes (NZTGP)
Private Tuition (PT)

Where is Beautiful and Safe New Zealand?

New Zealand is a small country of three (3) main islands, of approximately 270,534 square kilometres. Hundreds of smaller islands sound these mainly uninhabited and unspoiled islands. New Zealand has a population of about 3.8 million friendly people. New Zealand's closest neighbour is Australia.

New Zealand is the most scenic, beautiful, clean, green, and safe country in the world.

With -

· Breathtaking scenery
· Rolling hills,
· Volcanic desert areas,
· Natural thermal mud and
  hot pools
· World-class golden beaches
· Crystal-clear azure waters
· Native Rain Forests
· Majestic snowcapped
· Abundant wildlife

Which set it apart from other countries with these diverse landscapes, rich lifestyles, and multicultural features. New Zealand offers a sample of every possible landscape within a relatively small country.


The Academy of English Language Fees for Study for 2003

  1. Prices other than accommodation fees are inclusive of 12.5% NZ Goods and Services Tax (G.S.T.)
  2. Most courses are in blocks. You may take as many blocks as you want. Students on a New Zealand Visitor Visa may have to extend.
  3. All applications processed between January and July 1st 2003, may receive 10% off the Tuition fee.
  4. The Academy of English Language - Terms and Conditions.
All fees in New Zealand dollars
Registration Fee Over two weeks $125.00 - (Once Only)
  Under two weeks $85.00
Accommodation Placement with Orientation Fee   $125.00
Orientation Fee (Student finds own accommodation)   $85.00
High-School (or other) Placement Fee   $400.00
Homestay (HS) or Farmstay (FS)

Weekly Accommodation Fee

10.00 per week retained for homestay/farmstay administration and monitoring. $175.00 - per week (HS)

$195.00 - per week (FS)

Homestay (HS) or Farmstay (FS) Fee Additional single days $25.00 to $28.00
Hostel (shared cost for food and utilities supervised by homestay coordinator) (Must be over 18 years old) Boys or Girls, no co-ed. $130.00 to 165.00 per week each, multi-occupancy
Flat or Apartment (must be over 18 years old and approved by AELT) $175.00 to 250.00 per week each, double+ occupancy
Accommodation Deposit Hostel, apartment or flat accommodation only. Two weeks weekly payment
Backpacker (Must be over 18 years old) $18.00 to $25.00 per night
AELT Guardian-care System Age 18+ $50.00 per week
AELT Guardian-care System Under 18 years old $150.00 per week
Travel and Medical Insurance Mandatory through Unicare or Southern Cross Insurance Ask for Quote quote
Auckland Airport Pickup to Thames One-way $65.00
Auckland Airport Drop-off from Thames One-way $65.00
Basic textbooks/workbooks (students quoted depending on course/s chosen) $85.00 to 135.00
Additional administration costs if required (over and above normal coverage) $45.00 per hour
Pickup from Thames Airport and Bus Centre   Free
Smiles and a great time   Free

* We generally only take students who register for two+ weeks

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Academy of English Language General Courses

* This chart is to give you an idea of tuition costs. Please contact us for an official quote. The longer you study to less it will cost.

Courses in NZ dollars
weeks 1 4 8 12 16 24 32 48
General Life-skills English, Part-time (GLEP) 220.00 880.00 1720.00 2580.00 3408.00 5040.00 6592.00 9600.00
General Life-skills English, Full-time (GLEF) 320.00 1280.00 2560.00 3780.00 4960.00 7320.00 9600.00 13,680.00
High School Preparatory Course Part-time (HSPCP) * 270.00 1080.00 2160.00 3078.00 4104.00 6030.00    
High School Preparatory Course Full-time (HSPCF) * 430.00 1720.00 3440.00 4902.00 6563.00 9600.00    
IELTS University/Polytechnic Preparatory Course, Full-time (IPC)   1460.00 2880.00 4260.00 5472.00 8035.00 10600.00  
Activity/Adventure English Course (AAE) 435.00 1740.00 3440.00 4960.00 6475.00 9605.00 12530.00 18790.00
Art-English (AE) ** 350.00 1400.00 2800.00 3990.00 5208.00 7728.00 10080.00 15120.00
Ecology-English with Practicum (EEwP) 10 week course accommodation included. ***       5650.00        
English with Golf
(EG) - Equipment Hire Extra
535.00 2140.00 4280.00 7000.00        
English with Diving
(EDiv) - PADI Fees Extra
To be announced              
Business English (BE) 535.00 2140.00 4280.00 7000.00        
Pitman's(PE) Tutoring To be announced              
Private Tutoring 45.00 Per Hour          

* Academy of English Language Student Guardian-Care System Required

** Covers Standard Course Materials ONLY

*** Accommodation Included (10.00 per week is retained for accommodation administration and monitoring).

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Insurance is Mandatory at the Academy of English Language, Thames.

Academy of English Language Special programmes
time weeks: 2 3 4 5 6
Summer and Winter Camp Programmes (S/W CP) Ask for Quote          
New Zealand Tourist Group Programmes (NZTGP) Ask for Quote          
Private Tuition (PT) Prices on request, please email us for the price

    AELT Policy Notes

    1. All tuition fees are in New Zealand Dollars and include 12.5% GST (NZ Tax).
    2. Before students begin their course, tuition, accommodation and administration fees must be paid in full.
    3. Our prices include basic student care and in-house counseling services.
    4. Students will be issued textbooks and workbooks up to the allocated fee quotation. The Academy may buy back the textbooks if they are in good condition up to a value of 50% of the original cost.
    5. Students pay their own recreational activities, examination fees, travel to examination centres, and for their own day-to-day general expenses.
    6. On arrival to the Academy of English Language, ALL students will be given an AELT Placement Test to find their level of English.
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