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Cursos de Inglês na Nova Zelândia @ Dunedin - English Language Matters Ltd

Catering for the needs of individual students

English Language Matters Limited is a private language institute which caters for the needs of individual students. Courses are modular, allowing students flexibility to choose a programme which suits their individual needs. English Language Matters Ltd is located in the heart of Dunedin city, and is in the same building as the New Zealand Immigration Service. Sharron’s philosophy is that each learner is important, and their needs are paramount. A wide range of effective strategies is incorporated into each course to encourage learners to become confident in communicating effectively.



English Language Matters’ premises include 5 classrooms on one floor of modern office buildings. Classrooms are spacious and all have natural light. A maximum of 12 students are placed per class (The average is 8 students per class). Other facilities include a student lounge, a self access centre offering a variety of resource materials such as books, games, tapes and videos, self study materials and library resources. English Language Matters is located just 2 minutes walk from the Dunedin Visitor Centre and Dunedin Public Library where students can access a wide range of information and study materials and we ensure that students pay a visit to the wonderful new Otago University library complex on the main campus during their stay with us.

Meet and Greet

Students can choose to have an airport transfer, arranged by the school, on arrival at Dunedin’s Momona Airport or you can make your own arrangements. If you are staying in a Homestay, we recommend that you use the transfer service.

Usually our Student Welfare Director, or Homestay Co-ordinator will collect you from the airport – they will carry a sign with your name on it. Our staff will come with you to your homestay to ensure that everything is ready for you and to help you to settle in to the home and the city.

Health & Travel Insurance

“Most students are not entitled to publicly funded health services while in New Zealand unless they are:

  • A resident or citizen of Australia; or
  • A national of the United Kingdom in New Zealand; or
  • The holder of a temporary permit that is valid for two years or more.

If you do not belong to one of these special categories and you receive medical treatment during your visit, you will be liable for the full costs of that treatment. We strongly recommend that you have insurance that will cover the cost of medical treatment in New Zealand for the duration of your stay in New Zealand. We also strongly recommend that you obtain insurance to cover your travel to and from New Zealand.”

(Ministry of Educations Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students)

English Language Matters Limited requires all students to make arrangements for travel, medical and other insurance requirements during their stay in New Zealand. We can offer this service to you, or you can choose your own insurance company provided it offers cover for protection of your course fees.

We offer our students a very comprehensive plan with Global Health Care (StudentCare Plan) which covers medical, travel and your fees. This plan has been especially designed for students undertaking overseas study.

Medical expenses are high and the school cannot and will not be held liable for any situation where students have to cover their own expenses for medical, loss of property or liability of any kind.

Conversation Assistants

We have native English speakers who visit the school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11:00 to 12:00 to meet with our students. Each week your class will have one hour in a very small group with one of these Conversation Assistants. This is a wonderful chance for you to listen to different accents and voices, and of course to talk with local people.


At English Language Matters Ltd we have a Registered Psychologist employed as our Student Welfare Director, so the very best counseling for all manner of problems is available to you. Student Welfare provides; professional counseling from a Registered Psychologist, foreign language advisors, a Health & Safety Officer, a Sexual Harassment Officer, and an external Registered Psychologist as part of your enrolment with us. Student Welfare can develop stress relief programmes and study techniques to help you perform your best in any examinations you sit, as well as being able to help with any problem or concern you have. We have access to translators who speak a variety of other languages if needed: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Spanish, and Thai - in case you need to use your own language.

We also have a wealth of information regarding accommodation, driving in New Zealand, visas, banking, problem gambling assistance, budgeting advice and more. Help is never far away!


Students are welcome to make use of the photocopier. For materials beyond class materials, a photocopying charge of 10 cents per sheet will be made. Please ask a staff member for assistance if you would like something to be photocopied.

Common Room

We have common rooms areas for you to relax in during your breaks and a small kitchen area to prepare tea & coffee or to microwave your lunch. Due to our central location in the city there are many cafes, restaurants and fast food chains within the same block as the school.

Morning Tea

English Language Matters Ltd provides morning tea & coffee for students at 10:45am. Students are welcome to help themselves to tea, green tea & coffee at any break time. Please return your cup to the kitchen for washing up.

Stereos, Videos and Televisions

These resources are used during class time for the lessons your teachers have prepared, but they are available to students during the break times as well. When using this equipment, please take great care and consider the rights of your student peers and staff to peace and quiet. Please report any equipment failure and breakages to a staff member immediately.

Courses and Programmes

We have a range of courses to help you reach your English language goals

Course Programmes 2003


There are 4 main levels of study at English Language Matters Ltd. They are referred to as Waystage (beginner to upper elementary), Threshold (pre-intermediate & lower intermediate), Independent (intermediate & upper intermediate), Competent (post-intermediate, advanced, near-native speakers). The Oxford Placement Test will put you into one of these levels but if you find it too hard or too easy you can try another level.

Modular Courses

  • Communication Studies
  • Academic Studies
  • English for Business Studies
  • English for Tourism Studies
  • Cultural Studies
  • English for High School Studies


Communication Studies

All four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing are covered using television, video, audio tapes, radio, magazines and newspapers. Topics are determined by the needs and wants of the students.

A weekly letter, written by the teacher, is given to each student which enables a better understanding of the language of native English speakers around them. Grammar is covered in accordance with the needs of the students.

Native English speakers are invited weekly into class, as either conversation assistants who work in small groups, or as guest speakers. The focus on colloquial language is important in empowering students so that they are able to communicate effectively in New Zealand society.


 Academic Studies

IELTS, TOEFL Preparation Studies

The language needed to perform successfully in the tertiary sector is studied, focusing on all four language skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening. Language skills needed to succeed in the IELTS and TOEFL examinations are practised.


Cultural Studies

The language and customs of New Zealanders are studied in order for students to better understand the society around them. Cultural awareness and expectations are also explored so that students feel comfortable and confident in New Zealand society. The students’ own culture is also discussed and compared with that of the host culture.


 Cultural Activities

Students have the opportunity to explore the community by visiting places of interest and importance to them. In this way, the students can use the language they have learnt in the classroom, and further develop their communication skills.


 English for High School Studies

The skills needed to operate in the secondary sector are studied, concentrating on the individual needs of the students. Cultural awareness and expectations are an important part of this course, as is the acquiring of colloquial language needed to communicate effectively.


 English for Business Studies

The skills needed to operate confidently and relate appropriately in the world of business.
are studied. Students increase their English language ability and cultural awareness in realistic situations, with regular visits from native English speakers and organised work placements which will enhance the students’ learning experience.


 English for Tourism Studies

The skills needs for students wanting to follow a career in tourism, or wanting to improve their English to enhance the skills they already have in tourism, are studied. Students will gain appropriate language and cultural awareness to be able to operate in the tourism sector. There are options for work experience for students with sufficient language proficiency.

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