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Cursos de Inglês na Nova Zelândia @ Nelson - The Electrik English Company
Welcome to the world of The Electrik English Company – a company which specializes in making English study both effective and fun. Surf, ski, and play your way to a higher English ability.
We offer the chance for students aged 9 to 16 to combine English Language study with adventure in a unique and safe environment. Check out our itinerary and see for yourself.

Our 14-day camps feature a fantastic curriculum, top-class adventure all in the beautiful New Zealand a country renowned for its friendly people and breath-taking scenery. The Electrik English Company’s programs are what every student has been looking for.


Company Profile
The Electrik English Company was borne out of a desire to see students taking a more hands-on approach to learning the English language rather than being buried in textbooks and cassettes.
Our teaching style uses more than just English text books. We aim to improve the students’ confidence to relate to native English speakers as well as improving all aspects of their English language ability.
In a bid to move away from traditional holiday language camps, ours incorporates a more intimate and effective style of learning with students and tutors living/breathing/studying/cooking and of course having fun together.

Our accommodation


The Electrik English team has come together from various parts of the world all with the same vision – to provide ESL students with a stimulating and successful learning environment. All staff are interviewed and approved by the Directors and have teaching experience, qualifications and references to beat. The students’ comfort and education are the utmost concern of every member of this dynamic and committed team.

Our Programme
The Electrik English Company’s camps vary in that when classes are finished students are not shipped off to a home-stay family but rather stay in comfort with their teachers in a superb and luxurious home environment.
This not only means that teacher-student relationships have the chance to flourish, it also lessons communication problems students may encounter while on homestay.
Students and teachers will eat, study and play together in an effort to help strengthen and bridge the language barrier that often exists for English as a second language students
Of course, students will still get the chance to meet Kiwi kids and will have ample opportunity to do what kids do best... play and have fun.

Utmost care and safety procedure will be taken at all times. Students will be under constant adult supervision by caring and supportive individuals.

The Electrik English Summer Camp program is currently running from December 01 until the end of February at two weekly Intervals. All activities are supervised and children are encouraged to speak English at all times.

Winter Camp Itinerary
Day One
Go to Incheon/Narita International airport. Fly to New Zealand. Arrive In Christchurch and go to hotel. Group orientation and dinner.
Day Two
AM -Breakfast at hotel (students will order In English)
-Visit Christchurch City. Take a tram ride around the city.
-Climb the Cathedral tower spire.
-Lunch at the historic Christchurch ‘Arts Centre’
PM -Drive Christchurch to Nelson (5 hours)
-On route visit Hanmer Springs Thermal Resort for a warm dip
-Arrive Nelson camp site
-BBQ Dinner
-English skill Games
-Diary writing/Bedtime
Day Three
AM -Breakfast/ light chores
-2 hour English class
-Leave for Jesters Café/Lunch/ Hand feed tame eels.
PM -Drive to Mapua for Jet-boat rides
-Free time
-Dinner at campsite
-English skill games
-1 hour English class
-Supper/Diary writing/Bedtime
Day Four
AM -Breakfast/ light chores
-2 hour English class
-Free time at campsite
PM -Strawberry picking
-Lunch at a Nelson Korean restaurant (students will order In English)
-Ceramic class. Students can make their own cups or plates
-English skill games at the camp site.
-Traditional Maori ‘ hangi ’ dinner. Students will be In for a treat!
-Diary writing/Bedtime
Day Five
AM -Breakfast/ light chores
-2 hour English class (cooking lesson)
PM -Lunch (Students own work)
-4 x 4 wheel drive adventures
-Free time at the campsite.
-Dinner at the campsite
--English skill games
Supper/Diary writing/Bedtime
Day Six
AM -Breakfast/ light chores
-2 hour English class
PM -Café for lunch (students will order In English)
-Guided horse riding on a local horse ranch
-Ice creams on route for home
-Free time
-1 hour English lesson
-Dinner at the campsite
-Diary writing/ Bedtime
Day Seven
AM -A sleep In for our hard working students!
-Breakfast/ light chores
-2 hour English class
PM -Lunch at ‘Hot Mamma’s Café (students will order In English)
-Go to Marahau beach for a beach comb and optional swim
-Arts and crafts afternoon at the camp site
-Free time
-Diary writing / Bedtime
Day Eight
AM -Breakfast/ light chores
-2 hour English class
-Explore the stalagmites and stalactites at Ngarau caves
PM -Lunch at a café In Takaka (students will order In English)
-Salmon fishing at a Takaka salmon farm
-Salmon BBQ dinner, (If students catch any fish!)
-Free time
-Diary writing/ Supper/ Bedtime
Day Nine
AM -Breakfast/ light chores
-Visit the Nelson flea market full of arts, crafts and Interesting people
-Take a ferry to Haul-ashore Island and climb the nearby lighthouse
-Picnic lunch on Haul-ashore Island
PM -2 hour English lesson at campsite
-Free time/ Snacks
-English plays and video rehearsals
-Diary writing/ Bedtime
Day Ten
AM -Breakfast/ light chores
-2 hour English lessons
PM -Nelson fun park (mini golf, roller skating, hydroslide, go-karts, bumper boats)
-Lunch at the neighbouring beachside
-Supervised free time at the beach
-English plays and video rehearsals
-Communal pizza dinner preparation
-Pizza eating competition!
-English skill games
-Diary writing/ Bedtime
Day Eleven
AM -Breakfast/ light chores
-2 hour English lesson
-Water Sports Day (Windsurfing, Surfing, Swimming, Beach Cricket)
PM -Beach Picnic Lunch
-Free time at camp site
-English Plays and Video recording session
-Dinner at the campsite
-English Skills Games
-Supper/ Diary writing/ Bedtime
Day Twelve
AM -Breakfast/ light chores
-2 hour English lessons
-Free time/ Pack bags
PM -Leave Nelson for the West Coast
-Lunch at a Murchison café (students will order In English)
-Visit the Impressive Pancake rock formation
-Arrive at Greymouth accommodation
-Traditional Kiwi ‘Fish and Chip’ dinner
-Visit the Glow worms In their natural habitat
-Diary writing/ Bedtime
Day Thirteen
AM -Breakfast at hotel
-1 hour English lesson
-Visit ‘Shanty Town’ an old fashioned theme park. Students can dress up
In period costume and pan for gold
-Lunch at a Greymouth café (students order In English)
PM -A scenic drive to Christchurch (4 hours)
-Arrive Christchurch accommodation
-Dinner at an ‘all you can eat Seafood restaurant’
-Diary writing/ Bedtime
Day Fourteen
AM -Breakfast at hotel
-2 hour English lessons
-Orana Wildlife Park where students can TOUCH giraffes and see lions being fed.
PM -Lunch at the Wildlife Park (Students can order In English)
-Christchurch city souvenir shopping and goodbye photos.
-Games and Prize giving for our well deserving students
-Dinner at a Christchurch theme restaurant.
-Diary writing/ Bedtime
Day Fifteen
AM -Breakfast at the hotel
-Final English lesson
-Gentle River Punting across the Avon river
PM -Lunch at a Christchurch café (Students order In English)
-Depart New Zealand from Christchurch International Airport
We have come up with competitive package. Both Summer and Winter camp fees are NZD$3950 + 12.5% Goods and Services Tax.

The price includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Transport in New Zealand
  • Course materials
  • Lesson fees
  • Activities
  • 24-hour care

A NZD$350 non-refundable deposit is requested 60 days prior to the camp start date in order to secure a place. This deposit is not extra and is included in the camp fee.

All major credit cards are accepted.

FREE TEACHER PLACES for group bookings.

Please note prices DO NOT include airfares. The Electrik English Co will arrange airfares to take advantage of group discounts.

The Electrik English Company can also help arrange accommodation etc for parents who wish to accompany their children to New Zealand but wish to travel while their children attend camp.

*** We also cater to groups who would like to experience our New Zealand English adventure outside of camp dates. Contact us for details.***
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